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What is Tickled Pink?

Tickled Pink is all about adorning boring birthdays and anniversaries with not-so- boring gifts and surprises. From quirky gifts to bespoke experiences, from little presents to memorable events, from personalised mementos to customised adventures - we convert your love into a bundle of happiness that will last forever!

“If you believe, it will happen!”

When founders Tanvi & Sonakshi met over a cup of coffee the idea of Tickled Pink began brewing. Not knowing that they had the same business idea in mind for long, a long spilling session led into a quick decision to embark on a journey of a lifetime. After endless brainstorming, extensive research, critical remarks and some skeptical reactions; they still remained strong to go on with their intuition. Hoping to bring happiness into the world with one surprise at a time; they are here to create magical moments that are sure to have your loved ones Tickled Pink!

We Love What We Do

Tanvi Kataruka


From almost being a Chartered Accountant to actually being a copywriter and later the editor at So Delhi; Tanvi carries a mixed bag of accomplishments and interests with her. Her ideal surprise would either be a long holiday in a new county or a pair of new shoes!

Sonakshi Kataruka


In her previous life Sonakshi was a risk consultant at Axis Risk Consulting. After quitting her monotonous corporate life, she is now finally fulfilling her long-standing dream of crafting happiness for people. Her ideal surprise would either be shaking a leg with Ranbir Kapoor or the keys to the Dairy Milk factory!

Karishma Gupta

Graphic Designer

Don’t let her youngish appearance fool you, Karishma’s designing skills can have you think she has over 20 years of experience. Her ideal surprise would either be a dinner date with Fawad Khan or an intricate 5000 piece puzzle!