1. Surprises require superior organisational & planning skills.

We all know the kind of effort and planning that goes into pulling off the perfect surprise. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a getaway together; surprises require superb planning skills and hats-off to the person who gets it all done smoothly. It’s always good to have a more organised and responsible better half, isn’t it?

2. Surprises show the person is thoughtful and sensitive.

To plan a perfect surprise, you first need to know what will make the other person really really happy and then many a times go out of your way to make it happen. If your better half can put together the ideal surprise for you, then he/she is extremely thoughtful and sensitive to what truly means to you and understands you like no other.

3. A partner who knows to surprise is definitely a romantic at heart!

Sometimes surprises can be very cliched, but even then the thought behind it purely means your partner is a total romantic at heart. If you ever dreamed of finding your very own Jerry from P.S. I Love you or Geet from Jab We Met, then don’t let go of this one!

4. Surprises mean your partner is definitely not a boring person.

Whether it’s an extravagant surprise or a simple one, if he/she knows to surprise, they definitely can’t be boring. They know how to make a mundane day feel like the best one and how to keep a little mystery; which are essential ingredients for a lasting relationship.

5. If the person can surprise you, they can always make you smile :)

Happiness is bringing a smile by surprise on your loved one’s face. If your better half can do that, then there is no reason better enough. The person is a keeper and the best gift to your relationship!